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    The Road

July 23, 2016

Saving Cash for an Emergency. . . or a Trip.

A good friend tonight updated their social media that due to a tropical storm, their bank was closed and they had no way to get money. They weren’t going to starve or die or boredom, but it was an inconvenience.

But seriously, how much cash should you put away for a disaster?

Exactly how much cash you should put away for a vacation?

Do both.

Between and during all of my long walks, I would do ridiculous amounts of research on the area I’d be travelling. In my notebook, I would tuck any extra daily cash I had between the pages while writing my notes. (I did not carry this notebook around, obviously.) For the longer trips, I had a series of map books; the Delorme Gazeteers, for each area I would be travelling. Each page had about 3-5 days worth of hiking to cross at a realistic, long-distance pace. As I did my research, I would tuck the money needed for that page into the map. Eventually, I would mail the maps ahead to post offices, general delivery, and would have enough money to finance the next leg of the journey.

So, you want to have an emergency cache of cash or perhaps you want to plan a trip around the world. Here’s an easy way to do both. Read More