March 12, 2016

Wet. Day 1 – Sunday, March 12th 2006

Gregory Palisades and Kelty packs on day 1 of the 2006 trip. Wet, but I’ve seen worse. Light drizzle and a good crew crossing the bridge. Gib and Correne left early citing a fear of heights. No news crews, but tons of helicopters flying over and under the bridge.

We have an amazing view of the golden gate from a picnic ground next to the campsite. Lucian gave us a small chairdog ball complete with a little sculpted butt. Definitely going to be taking some pictures of it on the walk. Ed brought phone cards, stamps and sandwiches when he arrived later this evening to hang out on day 1.

Setting out on the trip.Day one was WET. The San Francisco bay area has had a wretched cold streak this week, complete with a 28 car pile up when now collected on one side of the Marin tunnel, surprising drivers who had been driving in light rain minutes before. I saw snow at sea level when dropping off mail at the post office on Friday. A sleetball fight in the mission made the front page of all the papers. At some point during the walk today, I pinched the mouth piece of my hydration pack under a strap of my pack and sprayed a liter of water down my leg before Ryan noticed and told me.

I’m hopping on the trail. Literally. Hopping. It’s hilly and a bit tough going, but trying to keep Ryan’s spirit’s up. Sang superstitious really loudly while approaching out first wet vista point to look back on the city where we have som many friends and memories left behind. Already, the feeling of adventure was back.

When the friends bring the fixings, a hot drink wins!Arriving at the ranger station, I liked the scene we made when we arrived. Huge packs, rain gear, dripping wet. A woman commented, bad day for a bike ride. We laughed. “Just out hiking.”

Two young women were stranded under an awning on their bikes having ridden from the city in little spandex suits and tiny rain gear. Where you headed, one of them asked. “Mendocino”. Wow she said, shaking her head and walking away before I could even ask where she was from. I assumed the Marina.

Hick smokey called and left a cute message. I’ll call him back tomorrow at lunch. Erin took a ton of pictures today, but lucian stayed back. I feel bad for him, but I know he is going to blow up when he gets to New York. He’s really an amazing artist.

Ryan’s bravery and strength is already starting to shine through. I know she is daunted by the idea of the walk, but it’s shorter than we think and need to enjoy it before it is over. I which I could teach her the head space trick.

I’ll need to start writing before sundown. Lamp batteries are low, and I doubt there will be much sun for charging tomorrow.

Sierra designs tent, day one in Marin headlands.


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