March 11, 2016

Living out of a backpack. 4am Saturday March 11th

Signals green, get out of town.Guerrilla Camping – 2006 Trip Journal – Day 0

This was written sitting awake on our last night in the city. We had gotten rid of everything except what would fit in two well thought out packs that we had spent a few hundred weekend miles testing and training with. We were finally living out of a backpack.

It all comes down to pack weight now.

Everything is mailed, stored or ready to be heaved onto our backs.

In about 30 hours we walk.

Tonight was my last night at Cats.

The idea that the last five years of my life; in all its insanity, love, joy and both physical and emotional pain can be brought to close in seven words is nearly embarassing, because it has been the epic adventire I wrote about seven years ago.

“I want to work around music”…

I’m sometimes stuck wondering.

I’m sometimes stuck wandering.

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