March 14, 2016

Rain, Frogs and Churros. Day 3 – Tuesday, March 14th 2006

Camping on the Southern PacificSheltered in the tent as I write this. The rain is torrential, if not biblical. Thankfully we are dry, having decided to pitch the tent 20 minutes before it started. I got moderately wet rigging the camouflage ponchos over our rain fly, but thankfully, I can dry my rain gear in the vestibule of the rainfly by draping it on our poles.

We are camped on the side of the Southern Pacific railroad line, which we finally connected with about 3 miles before setting up camp. It felt great to get out of the sprawl. Took some nice pictures, and expect to be in Petaluma tomorrow where we will connect with the Norwitt family on their homestead for a night of warming up and drying off.

The Boats of San Rafael. Today was stop and go as we retraced a large section of road from our trip to China Camp a few months ago. (China Camp is currently about 3 miles SE of us, across the wetlands.)

Got a cheap local map from the Days Inn lobby (and by cheap, I mean free) which for the sprawl was more useful than the annotated topo maps I am carrying. It got us through town and back onto the railroad tracks which we will be following up into Redwood Valley.

Breakfast was a pair of AMAZING Churros and coffee from a real store-front churro shop near the motel. The early morning parking lots were crowded with hopeful day laborers, even the 7-11 and Burger King. We grabbed two lunches while we were still in town, first at Chopstix, a cheap chinese spot on 2nd street and then the redwood cafe for some country breakfast as we left Marinwood at Lucas Valley Road.

Resting BackpacksNicorette still sucks.

Ryan needs better socks.

For the first time in nearly a year, I’ll be falling asleep to the sound of frogs. The rain is finally beginning to settle down now.

Big dead tree in wetlands south of PetalumaBoth solar panels have now had their solder joints break. The platypus bag sucks. Everytime you set down your bag, you have to watch where the mouth piece is, lest you pinch it and wind up soaking the floor, chair, tent or car where it is resting. I will add a tube clamp when we pass a hardware store or camping store that has one.

No blisters, only the expected muscle pain. Or course, our journey isn’t even longer than our usual weekend trips yet, so we’re in good shape.

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