October 15, 2011


Real life is oft a sledge hammer to my promises to write more. Thank you to everyone around the world who continue to send messages of encouragement, particularly those who see the bits that only get posted for a new minutes and who e-mail words of encouragement from the four corners of the globe.

Its not that I don’t have tons to write about. It’s just that I’m not a nomad anymore. I’m a dad. In seven years, I will attempt to conquer the final stretch to complete California by foot, and we’ll see if my boy wants to knock out Oregon and Washington with me in the following years.

But you guys jumped on for my backpacking adventures, which I lack now. My passions lie in gardening and self sustaining systems now. I’ve been back to the 9-5 world for a few years now, and have been doing well enough (considering the current depression) that my wife and I joke about our outmoded and stereotypical gender models. Our boy is beautiful and we do odd things like struggle to find domestically made toys for him, while buying from local merchants.

I still religiously pick up hitchhikers in hopes of someday repaying the karma that drivers heaped on me, so I try to keep my ear to the ground. But I’m going to have to expand my horizons if I continue to post. I’m sorry if you are a long time follower and disappointed by the taming of BlackPacker.

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  • bigato, December 31, 2011 Reply

    Life is what it is. Coincidence or not, I'm also not so much into backpacking as I am into gardening, building and self-sufficiency. I guess it is the girl and having a family of our own. They make us stay put.

    Do you know the Early Retirement Extreme Forums? It would be great to have you there.

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