March 13, 2016

The People You Meet – Rob Burgess

“Listen man, it’s been good catching up, but I need to go, I’m interviewing the county sheriff right now.”

The Rob Burgess ShowBesides being the bad-ass who would ignore the county sheriff, mid-interview, to take a personal call, there is a lot to say about my friend Rob Burgess. He’s an award winning journalist, a memorable banjo player and a connoisseur of good books, movies, and music. Most recently, he became a podcast personality at The Rob Burgess Show, where he was insane enough to interview me for his first episode.

While the book and my travels figure prominently, Rob and I are good friends for a reason, and our conversation wanders wildly across a breadth of subjects.

Of course, throughout the entire interview, there are peppered references and anecdotes related to the walk. (And way too many UMMMs on my part.)

Thanks again, Rob and good luck with your new podcast!


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